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 Ethiopia: OLF Press Release on Irreecha Massacre

The TPLF has committed genocide against Oromo people by murdering in a broad day light peaceful people who gathered at Bishoftu to Celebrate Irrecha, the Oromo National Thanks Giving Festival celebration on October 2, 2016. The TPLF attacked peaceful people on the ground and from the air by killing hundreds and wounding thousands. At Irrecha, Oromo from all corners of Oromiya dressing their cultural clothes and caring olive branch as sign of peace and prosperity get together to celebrate their national holiday.

The TPLF fascist regime which intoxicated with the blood of innocent Oromo people for the last 25 years, particularly for the last 11 months has ordered its army on the ground and the Helicopter from the air to attack peaceful innocent people who gathered at Hora Arsadi, Bishoftu for national Irrecha Celebration.

The Oromo Liberation Front strongly condemns this callous massacre by the TPLF Regime , and resolute that the TPLF regime will be accountable for the genocide it has committed against Oromo people who came together from all corners of Oromiya to Celebrate and thank their Almighty at Hora Arsadi , Bishoftu, Oromiya.

The murderous regime of TPLF should know that it will not control oromiya and its resources by killing its people. The glorious Oromo people will hunt the TPLF Regime down to make sure that they will pay for all crimes they have committed against Oromo people in particular and Ethiopian peoples in general.

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