Hostory of Education


Please read in full the bottom slide show of Boreda Elementary school which we found about school history for now. When you read this booklet you will learn lots of history how schooling and government administration are survived side by side. This school is one of old schools such as Chencha, Arbamich, Gidole, Bulqi, Wolayita Sodo, Hosaena, Yirgalem, Awasa and etc..

Most of the school establishment in southern Ethiopia was related to Atse Zeraa Yaccob's sending of Orthodox Christian missionaries to teach the bible to the people of South. After Atse Minilik's invasion, the priests who are participated in the war are settled in the highland of Dime, Wolayita, Kenbata, Dawuro, Boreda, Azo, Birbir, Bulqi, Gidole, Dorze, Chencha, and etc... are start teaching the Dawit to their family and the locals in their area in their own houses. The main value of the teaching of letters and words to the locals at the time was mostley to develop the communication between the Amahara soldiers with the local people; to help them to collect taxes, and to implement the government message.

Meantime, after the Minilik's defeat the local kings, the administration power was fallen under the hands of Orthodox priests. Atse Minilik was awarded the land and the people to the priests (ለደብተራዎች ሳይሆን ለበተክህነት ደብተራዎች ማለት ለእግዚአብሄር የቆሙ ሳይሆኑ ለመንግሥት አገልጋይ የሆኑ በዘመናዊው አባባል የበተክህነት ካድሬዎች ማለት ነው።). Then the priests are Ministry of Education, finance, Court Judges, Police officers, Prosecutors, and representing the government.

Based on such oppressive administration, the locals have no choice but just to listen to what the priests said. The locals have no land to keep their cattle’s as well every peasant must farm and work for the priests as a server, otherwise they will beaten and harassed. The priests also named some representatives on behalf of themselves and tighten the oppression worst to the local indigehous people.

The little Shack school which they opened to teach the locals, first you have to change your religion to Orthodox, second, you have to change you name to Amharic name, third, you are forced to accept the Amhara culture, tradition, language. The school curriculum was managed by the priests, if the teachers are not teaching what the priests wanted they will be punished. They might loose the land which was givern to them as asalary.

when the missionaries came to Southern and Western Ethiopia, the Priests are panicked of the missionariesentrance to the region and imprisoning the people who are talking about the new religion, beating them with rods, and forcing more locals kids to their church based schools. Still taday, they are fighting against the Protestant church in the name of Gamo people. Protestant church is the one which freed the south from the bridle of Neftegnas.

You can find the documents from the book called WORRIORS OF ETHIOPIA.

It is ovous, at the time, after you finshed your schooling in high school, evenyou got 99.99% mark in Ministry or Matrix exam, if your name is not Amharic name, you will notsent to winget or university, meansthey will make youfail. Example:- Abraham Messa was one of the best student in Boreda Elementary and Junior high school, he was number one student, when he wrote his Ministry exam of grade eight. Mr. Asefa Zemene of the school teacher was mad what happen toMr. Abraham Messa, he paid one hundred dollars to correct his exam for the second time. So, his mark was 99.8%.

Another example:- After may passing of my grade twelve exam the Arbaminch ministry of education branch hide my result and sent Ato Muluneh Mengistu (he knows and he is alive) in replacement of me to Kotebe teachers College. The harassment and operation was there for over 50 years in the south.